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small  Units

Do you need more space in your home?
                  Is your garage full?

                                    Where can you put your garden furniture until next summer?

                                                   Are your bedrooms full of clutter?

                                                                 New baby coming, but the spare room is full?

A small Unit tenancy is one answer to these problems
 and Fatherford Farm is the place to to go.

Storage Units

We have converted our Unit 41 into small Units.

  They are double garage size, 5.2 m x 4.5 m  approx 230 sq ft and cost 44 inc VAT  a month.
                                                                    That is it, no other charges.

         You get an individual unit which you secure with your own padlocks.

                     The outer door is very secure, and is only unlocked when required.

                                       The Tenancy Conditions are common sense and simple.

                   Come and see, we live on site, phone Richard on 07706 881348 to arrange a time .

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